Tips For Listening to Free Music Online

The internet has made finding and listening to music easier than ever, whether you’re looking for a new band to listen to or simply wishing to check out some old favorites. Unfortunately, many see this as an opportunity to illegally steal music off of unsavory download sites. In addition to being illegal, it’s also unnecessary. There are many perfectly legal ways to listen to music online and they’re completely free.

Online Radio Stations

Throughout the country, many radio stations are beginning to simulcast their music online. Not only can you listen to your local stations without a radio, you can listen to thousands of stations from around the world online. There are also several free apps that allow you to search these stations for a specific song, artist or genre. All for free!

Ad-Supported Music ServicesIn addition to online radio stations, there are several music services online that allow you to stream full songs and even albums for free. These services are ad-supported, meaning that rather than earning revenue from you purchasing a subscription, they earn money through ad sales. You may have to listen to an annoying ad or two occasionally, but it’s free and legal.

Free MP3 Downloads

Several of the big MP3 music retailers offer a different free MP3 to download every day or each week. Most of these may be from emerging artists, but sometimes they can include hits from well-known artists. Whatever your preference, there is free music out there for you to find.

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